Thetis with Ciro Mazzoni loops and ATU

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Thetis with Ciro Mazzoni loops and ATU

Postby pa1hr » Sun Jul 30, 2023 12:49 pm

Connecting Thetis and the ANAN 7000DLE MkII (black version) with the Ciro Mazzoni Loop Antenna and its ATU.


I had the Ciro Mazzoni I3VHF Midi Loop Antenna with ATU v1.0. Now I have the Stealth Loop with ATU 2.0. I am considering the Baby Loop with ATU 2.0.

With the right hardware and settings it is quite easy to get it working. I will explain you my setup.

First buy the right cable! Apperently this is quite important to get it working. I tried all kind of cables, but in my situation only one works right:

A simple null modem cable (7 wire type and full handshaking) connecting the computer (with Thetis) to the ATU. It is a 9 pin serial port Null-Modem cable with 2-3/4-6/7-8 line cross-connected. DB-9 female to female connector on each end. I bought the DTECH DB9 RS232 Series Cable, Female to Female, Zero Modem Cable, Full Handshake 7 Wire Crossover, for Data Communication, (5 Feet (1,5 Meter), Black) for 11,35 Euro at Amazon.

Device Manager settings:
COM1 (= in my situation), 38400 bps, 8 databits, no parity, 1 stopbit, no data transport.

Thetis settings:
Serial/Network/Midi CAT
CAT1 Control, Enable CAT1, Port COM1, Baud 38400, Data 8, Stop 1.

Ciro Mazzoni ATU 2.0 settings:
Set Auto Mode: Full Auto
Select Protocol: CAT MODE 1
Baud Rate: 38400 bps

First connect the antenna coaxcable on the ATU, the rigs coaxcable, the cable to the motor of the Ciro Mazzoni loop, the 24V power supply of the ATU and than the Null Modem cable between the computer with Thetis and the ATU.

Start Thetis.

That's all, enjoy!

73, Hans PA0Q.

Hans Remeeus (PA0Q/OE3JRC)
"Communication is about people, the rest is technology"

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