Auto band change for a amp with ICOM Voltages

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Auto band change for a amp with ICOM Voltages

Postby vu2mb » Wed Aug 16, 2023 12:55 pm

Hello friends,

My Mercury IIIS HF amplifier is working just fine and mine was made from bare PCBs. I enjoyed building it despite having no experience handling SMD components and the smallest footprint was 0805. Now I have decided to go ahead and start another project which Kurt Moraw designed and it has most parts as small as 0603.

He designed this amplifier for his ICOM radios and that's why ICOM voltages are built into this amplifier's controller.
My question is what to do to convert from Kenwood CAT what we have in Anan to ICOM voltages?

Thank you, and 73

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