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Re: IMPORTANT UPDATE/DO NOT USE: 7000DLE fan noise fix

Postby KC1LKO » Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:29 am

w-u-2-o wrote:
KC1LKO wrote:Discoveries: While doing the PA adjustments I notice that putting a carrier on 6M did increase the Fan speed considerably. This was not due to temperature so I was puzzled as I did not know the Anan had any form to speed up the fan... the two leads go straight to a power connector... any ideas?
Most probably internal EMI affecting the Arctic temperature sensor.

Interesting... did not think of that... I thought the sensor was temperature based... it is just a wire... but I guess something has to convert that temperature to something electrical and that could be impacted by EMI... next time I open the front (easy) I will wrap foil around that sensor cable... just for kicks :-) Some day I will need to remove the zigbee temp sensor anyway :-)

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