G2 (no screen) Upgraded Cooling Fan to Noctua

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G2 (no screen) Upgraded Cooling Fan to Noctua

Postby W1SWL » Tue Jul 09, 2024 1:57 pm

I have just replaced the stock G2 cooling fan with a Noctua NF-A12x25 5V fan.
It is a fairly simple upgrade and the Noctua comes with various extension power cords and wire taps.
Also a USB cable is provided as well.
The stock fan uses only two wires Pin 1 is Ground and Pin 2 is 5v.
The Noctua has 4 wires so the Pins 3 and 4 are not utilized. The G2 board seems to have not implemented variable fan speed controls.
Interesting in that the fan in my G2 actually pulls air IN and the air vents out via the side vents.
So the air is directed at the motherboard chip which has a heat sink mounted on it.

The Noctua also comes with mounting screws and optional silicone mounting plugs which could be use instead of the screws.
I used the Noctua screws to do the mounting.
These fit the existing holes nicely and are self tapping silver.

The dB noise taken prior to the Noctua was 24.5 dB and after was 21.1 dB using an old cheap Radio Shack dB noise meter which I have had for ages. I think the fact that the Noctua has silicone corner feet attributed to this slight noise reduction as well as the fan design.

The Noctua plug has two proud tangs. One of these had to be removed with a sharp knife to allow the plug to seat.
Other than that tang removal, the removal and installation of the new fan was rather simple.
You will need a small hex bit to remove the 12 case screws.
Also a small plier to hold the nuts on the the original G2 fan as you unscrew them.
A Philips head screw driver to install the Noctua screws.
A razor blade or knife to cut the nib off the Noctua plug.
And a tiny tie wrap to reattach the Noctua fan wire to the adhesive wire loom.

I purchased the Noctua on Amazon.
Delivery was next day.
Price was about $30 with a 6 year Noctua guarantee.

Is the fan replacement necessary? No.
Is it quieter? Slightly.
73 Art W1SWL

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