ANAN G-2 External Power Supply/ Amperage

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ANAN G-2 External Power Supply/ Amperage

Postby WT4DX » Sun Sep 10, 2023 8:57 pm

For the current ANAN G-2 owners, what current draw is your rig pulling during transmit for both digital and phone?

Is the spec’d 25 amps correct?

I’m going to procure a stand alone power supply for the G2. I currently run a Samlex SEC-1235P-M which is rated at 30A continuous/ 36A peak, and I’ve been very happy with this power supply. I can always purchase the Astron SS-50M-AP for 40A continuous/ 50A peak power

I appreciate your input on what your experience has been thus far with the G2 power draw. ... c-1235p-m/


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