Anan 100D for sale

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Dennis KA0SWR
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Anan 100D for sale

Postby Dennis KA0SWR » Sun Jul 09, 2023 7:29 pm

Anan 100D excellent condition plus extras for sale $2000 shipped to lower 48

In 2022 I sent to Doug W5WC to check over, update to P2 firmware, and install a 10Mhz TCXO daughter card.

Includes an Xtronic XDC-1 signal sampler with cables
JFW 50DR-055 N adjustable attenuator
DB25 breakout module for external connections
W6PQL sequencer
Power cord

For details see - ... Review.pdf

Paypal accepted, all others must clear before shipment.

Dennis West in Missouri KA0SWR
dennis4040 at yahoo com
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