Bugs in linhpsdr

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Bugs in linhpsdr

Postby Cosmo1stgen » Sun Feb 26, 2023 11:54 pm

I know that this project is not frequently worked on except for one fork and I have posted these to git but thought id post the here on the off chance that John or a dev might see them.

Currently running linux mint on an i7 7700 with 16gig of ram. Apache labs hermes 16 bit board on protocol 2. I have been running pihpsdr with dl1ycf updates and 1.20 version of wdsp, cqrlog, fldigi, js8call all tied together with ham lib working nearly flawlessly. I use carla for eq compression, mics and for the patchbay audio feeds to the digital software with great audio reports especially on essb out at 4k ish :mrgreen: .

I have since tried linhpsdr compiled with both wdsp 1.18 and 1.20. Audio and user interface is great(I happen to like better than thetis) but there are many bugs but some of the biggest ones that have at least effected me.

1. The OC outputs in tx do not work. In rx they work fine but in tx they drop out.

2. Alex filters don’t seem to track properly in auto with two receivers open. They sometimes stay closed completely attenuating a band.

3. This is not technically a bug but merely an unfinished feature that the tx oc timers for antenna tuner do not have a button assigned anywhere in software. I assume that’s because it was carried over from pihpsdr. Would be nice to see that added.

I am here for testing and breaking of the software if needed. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Hopefully John or anyone working has worked on the code will see this.


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