Payment Fraud Alert

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Payment Fraud Alert

Postby W4WMT » Fri Dec 15, 2023 9:58 am

Abhi locked the 'Fraud Alert' thread against replies in the News forum, but if I were able to reply to him, I would say this:

I received the aforementioned emails from a fraudster who was posing as Tony. The really bad thing is that the fraudulent email came to me as a reply to email that I had just sent to The reply had a copy of my original inquiry in the body of the email, at the bottom. Therefore, and obviously, Abhi's company email account has been hacked by a cyber-criminal. Unfortunately, I can't notify him because the earlier thread is locked.

Aside from the obvious nonsense about the middle eastern bank transfer, I pretty much knew it wasn't really Tony because the writer was illiterate and obviously not writing in his native language. If this email had come to me unsolicited, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But the fact that it came to me as a direct reply to the email I had sent to them, gave me pause.

But now I am still left not knowing how to make my original inquiry about an order that I had placed in May 2023.

Bryan w4WMT
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Re: Payment Fraud Alert

Postby G4MSA » Sun Jan 07, 2024 8:38 pm

Bryan I have also received simplier challenges receiving a response from this company in relation to an order I made over a year ago for the 10W PA board . No response for months and no delivery or refund of the money they banked from me. Very frustrating and totally unacceptable.

Best Regards and good luck
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Re: Payment Fraud Alert

Postby nimrod » Tue Jan 30, 2024 11:01 am

My fellow the ham radio community,

Be aware that when you deal with Apache Labs, they don't take responsibility for their internal problems, and you – the customer put your money at huge risk!

I want to try and alert you all to the ill-behaver of Apache Labs, the makers of Anan radios; the company failed to take responsibility for internal fraud problems, and as such, good customers that pay thousands of dollars called to take the blame over Apache Lab's failure to provide secure and reliable service to us the customers, Apache Labs asking us the customers to take the financial hit!

Apache Labs was scammed; someone takeover the company email server and managed to communicate with potential customers using Apache labs email address (and email server) and signed as Tony (the employee that usually runs this type of operation, all the communication was made from the same email server and email address using Tony's signature (, providing bank details and sums to be transferred that were found later to be fraud.

When we learned that Apache Labs was scammed, we communicated immediately and directly with the company CEO, he was aware to scam/fraud and share with me that it happened on the company hosted email server, I was asked to try and push my bank to reverse the transaction (in my case, the prepayment of USD 1000 that Tony asked for and managed to be transferred to the real bank account of the company while the rest of the payment (USD 3000) was transferred by Tony request to different bank account of the company – this account use the same company name but found later to be a fraud), even though it is not my responsibility I approached my bank and push them hard to do so trying to help Apache Labs, the result was that my bank was unable to do so.

We, as customers, have nothing to do with the company infrastructure security and the financial spared of the company bank accounts.

I WANT MY G2! I did pay the full amount! The company can sue the email server provider and the insurance company or even take it on itself, but asking us, the customers that already paid, to repay? That's a shame!


Nimrod Schwartz

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