7000DLE MK-II reasonable maximum heat sink temp?

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7000DLE MK-II reasonable maximum heat sink temp?

Postby N7CXI » Fri Nov 17, 2023 12:04 am

What is a reasonable maximum heat sink temperature for a 7000DLE MK-II ?

I ask because I just stripped down an Andromeda and added a 120MM fan where the LCD used to be. Since I have lots of empty front panel, I decided to glue a 10K thermistor to the PA heat sink and put a display for it out front.

The display is actually a thermostat - along with a set of relay contacts that I probably won't use, it has a Sonalert-style beeper that beeps when the temp exceeds a pre-programmed level.

I was thinking 60C max directly across from the PA transistors. Normally you can't get there because of the positioning of the Orion MK-nnn board, but I'm raising the board off the PA heatsink so that I can get air moving between the two.



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