Saving audio settings

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Saving audio settings

Postby DL5RBW » Thu Nov 17, 2022 7:51 pm

Maybe this has been discussed already but if so I have to come up with this topic again as just recently I experienced very odd behaviour after I thought the system is "stable" now.

Playing around with a different microphone and trying to set up the equalizer all of a sudden I noticed complete distorted audio and very bad 3rd order IMD (-10 db at best). As I used my regular setting as a starting point I thought I simply recall that TX profile and start over again. However the setting was lost and every time I recalled the regular setting the radio went to the setting I last used when the signal became awful although I never saved this setting.. Luckily I had a screenshot saved so I could restore the settings and again saved them in "Profiles" under the" Transmit" tab.
Restarting the computer the next day again the setting with the awful parameters was there as a default and when I recalled the just recently resaved regular setting with the correct parameters again it would come up with the "awful" setting.
Years ago I already noticed that some of the TX profiles that I saved are available in the "PowerSDR mRX PS" directory where the DB Archive is saved as well whereas other TX profiles that have been saved the same way and also show up in the "Transmit Profile" window (next to MIC, COMP, VOX & DEXP sliders) are not there.

To make a long story short - although using the same procedure to save TX profiles only some of them are available in the "PowerSDR mRX PS" directory while many are not. And it seems I cannot resave or overwrite the corrupted TX profile with the good settings anymore. Do I have to delete this TX profile and then resave the good setting under the same name again?

Why are some TX profiles saved permanently while others can be recalled but seem to be in a hidden menu or buried somewhere in the software package and cannot be restored from there?
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Re: Saving audio settings

Postby w-u-2-o » Sat Nov 19, 2022 9:15 pm

There are no "hidden menus".

Any properly saved TX profile can always be recalled flawlessly.

Confusion often results if you have the TX profile auto-save options enabled in Settings > Transmit. I strongly recommend those be turned off and TX profiles be manually saved as required. This way you never accidently leave one changed.

It is possible that you may have a corrupt database. You might have to completely delete the corrupted TX profile.

Most important: it's well past time for you to kick PowerSDR to the curb. It has not seen any development for a long time. Migrate to the latest version of Thetis, Find it here: I recommend the 64 bit version (x64).
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Re: Saving audio settings

Postby oe3ide » Sun Nov 20, 2022 9:52 am

And: If a tx-profile is saved, its saved to the database.xml, not to a separate xml.
Only if you export the tx-profile, you will get an extra xml for this tx-profile.

73 Ernst

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