Monitor audio feedback loop

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Monitor audio feedback loop

Postby SM3PZG » Thu Apr 20, 2023 7:14 am

Andromeda -CIV Thetis FW v2.1.26.

I have a problem when using TX audio monitor. Pressing MON and TX I get a awful feedback loop. Same as if I would have put the microphone to the speaker and turn up full AF volume. I have to turn Master AF down to 1 or 2 to get rid of the worst feedback loop but its still present even on AF 1.
The feedback loop is also on TX audio so listening on my TX audio on a second RX it sounds just as awful. If I disconnect MIC and speakers same feedback loop. Disengaging Leveler or Mic Boost lowers the feedback loop a lot but turning up Mic Gain or Master AF same problem. On AM the feedback loop is lower but still very bad.

Have had this problem since I got the station August 2022. I don't use Monitor that much so it hasn't been that much of a issue. Have tried Steves .18 and .19 same problem. Besides this problem everything works great and I get great audio reports.

I think it might be a hardware issue. Any suggestions?

Attached is a screenshot just pressing PTT without MIC connected and Master AF: 35.
Thetis monitor problem.png
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