Version 2.10x64 Tx Filter Outline Bug

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Version 2.10x64 Tx Filter Outline Bug

Postby k6avp » Sun Aug 06, 2023 4:24 pm

Installed Thetis v2.10x64 6/19/23 on my ANAN-100B and running for a couple weeks. One small problem/bug so far - tx filter outline on panadapter screen shows a positive offset, i.e. it is at a higher frequency (the tx shows almost completely outside and below the filter outline) than the tx, which is shown at its correct frequency. I have not seen this on any previous version of Thetis, with either P1 or P2. This is running WSJTx in FT8 where I set an 1100Hz wide tx filter in the xmt profile. I have not run any other modes, or xmt profiles, in v2.10 yet. Ran Thetis x64 previously.

Update: where I have been seeing this is running FT8 ops. Turns out it happens when WSJTx is in Split = Rig mode. In addition, tx is above the filter outline if tx is below the center of the FT8 channel, i.e. below 1500Hz and below. Running in Spit = Fake It mode, tx is always within the filter outline. Running with Split = None., blocks any tx modulation below 1500Hz and above 2000Hz (my tx filter pass band).

BTW, what I am doing is blocking any sidebands I might have. It would sure be more straight forward to set up (and work when not using Split mode) if Thetis had a tx filter that could be centered on the tx with adjustable +/- max deviation.

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